Creating from Within Program

Sometimes there just are no words to express how you are feeling when you’re living with cancer.

Painting is a powerful way to let your hands do the talking for you.

Our workshops are designed to help you:

  • Explore your creativity
  • Express your feelings through art
  • Escape to a special sanctuary and relax
  • Experience yourself as a unique and creative individual
  • Enhance your emotional healing process
  • Engage with others who understand what you are going through
  • Create an everlasting legacy in art form, through this process

Our accomplished and dedicated local artists/experienced facilitators, work with you in a small group setting, to help you find your voice and tell your story, through art.

Participants do not need any prior painting experience.

All programs are free, and all supplies will be provided.

Space is limited and registration is required.

Workshops run from 3 to 3.5  hours, depending on group size.

All workshops are led by experienced ART for Cancer facilitators. Although workshops are therapeutic, we are not certified art therapists. Participants are free to create and express without facilitator interpretation.

We currently offer two introductory workshops as part of our”Creating from Within” Program, as well as a longer term 6 week program.

My Magical Moment

Explore the beauty and magic of acrylic painting as a way to relax and enjoy the creative process.  You will learn a few techniques in order to help you express on canvass your magical moment in Time.

My Gifts

Explore the beauty and magic of water color painting as a way to relax and enjoy the creative process. Together we will find our own unique gifts from the sea. All you need is your imagination

My Journey of Discovery

This is a 6 week program, recommended for those who have already participated in our signature programs “My Moment in Time” and “My Gifts from the Sea”.

Each week participants are introduced to a new technique/painting medium, where they create their own pieces of work and also participate in the creation of a group painting.

The program closes with a celebration and  gallery showing, of the work created by the participants. To learn more and register for the next 6 week program visit here.

Here’s what previous workshop participants had to say:

“The workshop made me feel good,a gift to take my mind off my daily stresses”

“Feels like I opened a box and out came more of me now that feels great, thank you for the gift of freedom.”

“What a wonderful way to get away, I felt like I got to escape”

“A great way to relieve stress and spread some positive energy”

“Initially I was apprehensive, as I’ve never painted before. The environment was so supportive, that halfway through I was feeling confident and relaxed.”

“I can’t believe that I actually left the workshop with a completed painting, my first ever. It will have a special place in my home”

“The workshop exceeded my expecations. I had fun, felt relaxed and got inspired.”

“Feeling like a kid again, no inhibition.  FREE FREE FREE”


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