Tribute to Lyn Howlett





As the founder of ART for Cancer Foundation, I  get to meet and be inspired by an amazing group of individuals, each following their own very individual cancer journey.

Lyn Howlett, who has been involved with our organization almost since inception, has touched a very special chord within my heart.

When Lyn passed away on Jan 9, 2017  (my Dads birthday),  I was touched at a deeper level than I have  ever been .

Lyn reminds me so much of my mother, not because of her age, but because of her resolve, she was such a fighter.






This is the painting entitled Chemo Roller Coaster that  Lyn entered into a contest which she won, click here for more info.


To us, she will be remembered for so many things in and in so many ways:

For her love of the color turquoise, which  adorned almost every  one of her paintings.

For her love of baking and especially her cheese  cakes.

For her  love of nature and Kayaking with her friends.

For her love of teaching the children.


tuscany may 2015 147

Lyn doing plein air painting in Tuscany, Italy in 2015











Girls in the Piazza-tuscany may 2015 048

Lyn in the town of Cetona, Italy in 2015 with her travel companions












She was so loved by her mother Jean and sister Ann, who live in the UK and whom Lyn connected with regularly.






Lyn at the Anonymous Art show in Dec 2016 with Liliana to her right and Cid to her left.



Lyn, you will live forever in my heart as a symbol of those who lived life to the fullest and never complained about their fate. You are one of my Heroes!!! May you rest in peace.


Cid Palacio

Founder- ART for Cancer Foundation










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