Tribute to Diana Henderson

It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of Diana Henderson on June 10, 2015.

ART for Cancer Foundation would like to express our deepest sympathy to Diana’s family and friends and in particular to her sister Candace.

We would like to recognize Diana’s outstanding contributions to the ART for Cancer Foundation programs and to all those who’s lives she touched.

Diana started attending creative workshops with ART for Cancer Foundation in 2012.

When Diana joined “My Journey of Discovery” 6 Week program in October 2012, her love of art blossomed, and she developed a strong bond with her fellow participants. It was Diana’s idea to have the group continue to paint together on a regular basis, and from that seed, “Continuing the Journey” was born.

Diana’s initiative filled an important need to stay connected and to continue to nurture friendships and a growing love of art she and others had discovered on their cancer journey.  Diana was happy to take on the administration of the program and became the driving force behind a new AFCF program “Continuing the Journey” which is now offered to all graduates of our 6 Week Program.

A special thanks goes out to Donica Loncar at Art Works Art School for providing the free space to get the program started.

Abstract painting by Diana Henderson 30x30 sept 2014

We will always remember Diana as an artist, good friend and advocate for continued learning and growth, personally and artistically.

Diana was an accomplished stain glass artist and this piece “Butterfly Lady” reflects the beauty and grace that defined Diana.

Diana touched many people in her gentle way. Below you will find some quotes from the many friends she made along the way.

“I am most sad that Diana did not get to see and experience our new home being launched on July 16, 2015 at 1884 Davenport Road. In our new home we will continue to offer the “Continuing the Journey Program” and starting with the inaugural program of June 22, we will call this program “Continuing Diana’s Journey” in her memory. She was the impetus to get this program to where it is today.” Cid Palacio, Founder, ART for Cancer Foundation

“Diana reached out her hand to me, in my first visit to Art for Cancer, I stayed by her side from that day onward.  I soon learned, that was how she lived her life, always putting others ahead of herself.  She was strong, kind, caring, courageous and generous to a fault.  She maintained that strength and courage to her very last breath.  I will miss you my very dear friend. XO” Eileen Spencer

“Diana’s involvement in Art for Cancer is a reflection of how she lived her life: generous, courageous, present and passionate. She is my constant reminder to stay brave, gracious and strong. I will miss you, Diana, my friend and fellow “cancer sister.” Liliana D’Avella

“Diana provided so much support behind the scenes for Art for Cancer. In the early days of Continuing the Journey, she was tireless in being there early to set up the room for everyone, even when she had to leave to attend appointments. Never a complaint about what she was dealing with, just a smile, that was our dear friend Diana, strong and courageous in spite of everything. Her presence, laughter and smiles will be missed by all those who knew her.” Lyn Howlett

“ I recall that she always seemed to downplay her artistic talent, but would create beautiful things. I also recall Diana’s dry sense of humour, her quick-witted deadpan – makes me smile. I hope Diana’s memory will make many who knew her smile.” Kelly Thorarinson

“Diana. A straight talking, no-nonsense, get-it-done woman with a heart of gold and unparalleled generosity. Part big sister, part mom, part fellow artist, 100% friend, Diana was Art for Cancer’s biggest supporter, and without question my biggest fan. I cannot even begin to know how to be without her. A liaison for new artists moving on to our more advanced workshops, Diana was the home base, the familiar face, the thread for us all. Godspeed good Diana.” Sarah Hall

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