Our Founder

Cid Palacio

“Creative expression, through painting was the glue
that kept me together when I lost both my parents
to cancer within a span of 15 months”

Cid Palacio – Founder

Cancer was the impetus for my journey into the art world.  Initially
painting was a means of escaping the cruel reality that a loved one
had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It soon become a passion and
then an obsession.

My mother lost her battle with cancer June 13, 2009. My father
succumbed to cancer September 18, 2010. I have lived through this
painful journey, and I have also experienced first hand the emotional
healing power of creative expression. The creation of the ART for
Cancer Foundation represents the next step on my personal
journey, connecting art and cancer.

Research suggests that participation in creative experiences like
painting can reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and improve the
overall quality of life of people living with cancer. This includes
patients, families, and their caregivers.

It is my hope that when you or your loved ones participate in one of
our workshops, you will find your inner voice and escape to your
special sanctuary.

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