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Global News – Sept 2, 2015

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The ART for Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, committed to improving the quality of life of people living with cancer by providing an outlet for creative expression through the arts.



Sometimes there just are no words to express how you are feeling when you’re living with cancer. Painting is a powerful way to let your hands do the talking for you.


The ART for Cancer Foundation, is a non- profit charitable organization, committed to improving the quality of life of people living with cancer by providing an outlet for creative expression through the arts. We rely solely on the generous  support of our volunteers, donors, sponsors and ambassadors, to bring our mission to live. Your donations will help us continue […]

Art as a Healing Force

Art as a Healing Force by Angela Smith Art by Kelly Human beings have been creating art for tens of thousands of years. From early cave drawings, to the masterpieces of the Renaissance period, to the spirit of experimentation of modern times, art has evolved and provided a means of expression, communication and a way to record the human experience. Artists have long been aware of the therapeutic benefits of the creative process, while science seeks to understand why this is so. This article will attempt to answer how and why art is beneficial to people who are living with a serious illness such as cancer. Researchers have studied the effects of the creative arts on common problems linked with cancer including anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue and quality of life.  This research suggests that the creative arts improve how people feel about their cancer symptoms and their quality of life.  Engaging in the creative arts “is an opportunity for patients to complement the healing process... 

We are NOT selling Raffle Tickets

If you get a phone call from an organization with a similar name to ours, operating out of Australia, selling raffle tickets- it is not our charity. We are not selling raffle tickets over the phone. We recommend that you check with the proper authorities in your area before buying a raffle ticket. And it is never a good idea to provide your credit card info over the phone to an unknown organization.    Read More →

AFC Place- July 16- Grand Opening

Join us as we celebrate ” a place to call home”.   July 16, 2015 we will be opening our home base at 1884 Davenport Road, Unit 1. Drop in for a tour from 10-3pm or 6-9pm.  Read More →

Photography 101

We are pleased to introduce our Photography program, led by David Allen. Photography 101- Getting Off Auto, is designed to help participants gain a higher comfort level with their camera and its manual settings in order to create unique works of art through photography. To find our more about this program visit here.  Read More →

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Global News- Sept 2, 2015

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